Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wedding wednesday ::my wedding::

I have a love/hate relationship with weddings. I love seeing a couple's style shine through their day, I hate being in them & dealing with the idea of perfection that so many brides have.
I love the pretty decor, dancing, drinking, laughing but I hate the over-the-top & at-any-cost emphasis on one day. I love the ceremony when you can see the love and commitment between two people, when it's personal.

Our wedding was planned very quickly, we wanted to get married, so we did. On a farm, with lanterns & live music, dancing & drinking.

Looking back there are so many things that we 'should' have done but we didn't. My dress was a vintage ebay find, $50. I bought the shoes before I bought the dress. my brother was my 'brother of honor'. We dined while sitting in plastic lawn chairs, people stood during our 10 minute ceremony It was perfectly, unpretentiously, imperfect.

Now i'm helping brides with their day, helping by creating eco-friendly and beautiful hair pieces & veils. I'm really excited about this new phase of elSage and can't wait to do more of it. I love the idea of making something for a bride out of recycled/vintage materials.

There is so much excess within the wedding industry I feel good about not participating in that. I think that each piece takes on this nice history too, a story to tell. I find my materials everywhere, from thrift stores to vintage shops to shirts that my husband has worn out. each piece has so much time and love that goes into it. I am a big fan of details and all elSage designs come with special details.

I surprise myself sometimes when i think about the day & want to do it again. It was great, a reflection of our funky simplicity, emphasis on friends, music & drink. It wasn't the best day of my life though, it was the start of the best days, and i believe that's exactly how it should be.

All wedding photos shot by Heather Colwill

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Sale

♥♥ Easter Sale!!! All elSage & miniSage accessories
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Friday, March 26, 2010

new elSage prints...

Hot pink and black are lovely, don't you think? Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the power of putting yourself out there

How pumped was I to figure out that not only was I today's featured seller at papernstitch but also featured in Brittni's blog? Pretty pumped to put it mildly.

Since launching elSage designs this January I have really seen the power of 'putting yourself out there'. I am amazed at the personal and professional fulfillment that has happened in less than 3 months. I hope that each of you reading this consider taking a chance and put yourself out there a little more. You never know what might happen.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Married?

Tis the season for planning weddings... what will you wear in your hair? I wish I would have come up with these before my wedding, so beautiful, funky & eco-friendly too! I wasn't into the whole veil thing so these would have been perfect, instead I went with the real thing and they were wilted by the end of the night. check these out at my etsy shop.

miniSage by elSage designs

I am launching a new line of accessories for girls, pretty excited about it. The headbands are smaller, the designs very similar. Many colors, some girly, some funky, some sweet. I'm so excited about this that I'm giving away a tutu with the first two miniSage orders from people who are blog followers or facebook fans. Mention this at checkout and you will get a tutu free if you are one of my first 2 miniSage customers!