Thursday, September 9, 2010

::Eco Encounters, of the back to school kind::

I'm currently immersed in everything school. Being a teacher myself, married to a teacher, the daughter and sister of teachers, this time of year tends to be a busy one. One of my favorite things is gearing up for school, the anticipation, school supplies (don't get me started on pens, post its and paper clips). I love school clothes shopping and looking forward to the first day. 

I was browsing around etsy and stumbled on some pretty killer back to school goods that also happen to be kind to the environment. 

Eco Encounters, Back to School

Sweet polka dot lunch bag

Unbelievably cool birch bark necklace

(I might like the name of this the most of all)

Super rad upcycled skirt

Reusable coffee cozy

Better yet, a reusable travel mug

Whether you're a teacher, mom, dad, student or TA you're probably schlepping some serious stuff, help yourself out with these     sweet bags.

 Stay warm and stylie with this organic cowl

What's your favorite part of the back to school season? 

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  1. Love this post! As a former teacher myself, I feel ya on the back to school energy. I love it and find myself stocking up on notebooks and trying to re-organize my life. I wish I had the truck skirt when I taught kindergartners.