Saturday, August 28, 2010

::Sustainable Saturday:: All Deck'd Out, Skate Fashion & Giveaway!

Fashion is changing, our culture is changing. You can feel the handmade and eco conscious revival if you look around at what people are buying and valuing. We are all becoming more aware of where things are made, how they are made and who our purchases benefit.  I believe that sustainability is the future, something we all need to strive for. 

Welcome to the first installment of Sustainable Saturday. This will be a regular feature highlighting all that is rad within sustainable business.

I have been in love with All Deck'd Out for months now, I received one of their necklaces as a Valentines Day gift from Hubs. I have picked up a pair of skinny studs for myself since and also gifted one of their belt buckles. I am so thrilled that they are my very first interview and the very first feature on Sustainable Sunday. I recently "chatted" with Nina from All Deck'd Out, she tells me how they found their sustainable business and a little about their favorite sustainable companies. Pssst... Don't quite reading because there's a giveaway at the end!

All Deck'd Out: Skate It, Break It, Wear It

elSage: How did All Deck'd Out come to be or what's the story behind your business.
Nina: We had some home renovation projects that required the use of a hole saw, so we bought a set. Dan being an artist thought it would be a great idea to try to make rings out of some old skateboards he had lying around. So we started off with making rings and next thing you know almost a year later we have a large assortment of jewelry and accessories, that we are proud to call our own. We are always coming up with new ideas and have some great plans for the future. 

eS: How do you feel about sustainable fashion? 
N: We love sustainable fashion. To us it just makes sense to give something a new lease on life. It allows a lot of room for creativity, and if it can avoid going into the garbage, all the better. Times are a changin'.

eS: What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?
N: We would have to say that our favorite thing about being a small business owner is having control over our own survival. Because we are the owners we will always do what we need to do to ensure our level of quality. We set the bar high for ourselves and then we try to surpass it. We are artists and perfectionists. This could sometimes be a good or a bad thing.

eS: Do you have some favorite Eco friendly companies?
N: Two Eco friendly companies we can think of offhand are both recycled skateboard related. First would be Art of Board. This company make tiles out of, you guessed it recycled skateboards. They have done some amazing work, definitely worth checking out online. Second would be Boardgames on Etsy. Boardgames makes children's toys and furniture from old skateboards. We love the pea shooters and yoyos. Genius!  

eS: Please plug your most favorite product from All Deck'd Out...
N: If we were to plug one of our items, we would have to plug our Smooth it Out Bangles. When we went about designing our bangle, we wanted it to stand out amongst the rest. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that each bangle is perfectly round and smooth. This allows the color plies to pop. We want to make people to realize it's more than just a piece of skateboard; it is a functional piece of art. A lot of care is involved in making each one.


eS: If you could spend a month anywhere in the works where would it be?
N: If we could go anywhere in the world for a month? Um, we would say Greece. It just looks so amazing. The water always looks so blue and the houses always look so white. Not mention the vast amount of history.

So now you know a little more about All Deck'd Out, but wait there's more. More? Yes indeed, Nina and Dan are giving away a rad little set for one lucky winner. One Smooth It Out Bangle and a pair of Skinny Studs. All you have to do to enter if visit the All Deck'd Out etsy shop and leave a comment here saying what your favorite item is. I will randomly pick a winner next Thursday (9/2). Get an extra entry from "liking" All Deck'd Out's Facebook page, just remember to leave it as a separate comment.
*Giveaway is open to worldwide readers, you will receive set pictured above. Please remember to leave your contact information when you comment. 


  1. This is an awesome post idea. I can't say I have a specific favorite thing in their Etsy shop, but I love the rings !

  2. Great post Phoebe! I would have to say the rings are my favorite. Love the layers.

  3. i love this shop!
    my 2 favorite items are:
    Recycled Skateboard Custom Dog Tag Keychain
    Recycled Skateboard Bobbypins - Reach for the Stars
    thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to this colorful world of goodies:)


  4. not really entering here because I'm a dude so the bangle and studs won't look good on me...but I wanted to say this stuff looks great and I may need to pick up a bet buckle for myself

  5. I really love the little blue ring and the purple bangle but really I love the whole idea of recycled skateboards! So cool and original. I would love to win anything! thanks

  6. and I am a fan on facebook now too!