Friday, August 20, 2010

::Garden Update::

Pretty excited about how our garden has turned out this summer. We returned from Puerto Rico to a jungle of garden goodness. We've been munching on salad, beets, arugula, strawberries, onions and most recently straight from the garden. Neither hubs nor I get many strawberries or tomatoes because the boy loves them so much! His love for tomatoes is well established but he surprised us this summer with an utter obsession with sugar snap peas. We're pretty sure it's because they look like balls. He is obsessed with anything round.

What's next for our little garden? We will be planting our late fall/winter crops soon. Kale and chard are both on the list.

There's something pretty amazing about eating from your own garden. I urge anyone who's interested in growing their own food to do so, it's really great. And so cool for the boy to see where food comes from and be introduced to healthy fruits and vegetables in the process.


  1. I already said this, but he is adorable! And, sooooo lucky to have those gorgeous raised beds! What's growing there?

  2. Thanks so much Robin! He's at a super fun age, then again they're all pretty fun. We are growing onions, green onions, beets, lot of lettuce, peas, tomatoes, zinnias, poppies, cilantro, raspberries, rhubarb, mint, strawberries, arugula, and
    carrots. Phew, it sounds like a lot when you write it all down.