Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::Deke, How Does Your Garden Grow?::

This morning I asked my son, "Decatur, how do you grow a garden?" He walked me through the process step by step (his dad taught him how last weekend when they planted the first half).

Here's what he said...

Mama, first you have to go to the coop and get some seeds.

While you're there, pick out a treat like a tomato...

Then you come home and let the dog out and open the garden gate...

Then grab your shovel & seeds...

Then I watch you put seeds in the ground and I walk all over them when you finish. That's how you do it!*

*Please note that these are not actual quotes but a condensed version of the day.

Gardens rock, I can't wait to pick out veggies and flower and enjoy the. Welcome spring, thank you so much for showing up!


  1. Sweet post! Love the photos. Looks like we have been working on similar projects lately. :)

  2. Thanks ladies... it was a fun day. Kristin I can't wait to see the backyard update, maybe Thursday?

  3. Hello! Holy your garden kicks my garden's ass. Now I have a garden complex. I need posts and fence and green stuff growing. Now would be nice. Love the pics of son. Too cute.