Sunday, April 18, 2010

the search for a summer dress...

Today is beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest. The hubs & I are researching and planning our summer Puerto Rico trip (more on that later). I am busy dreaming about a new summer dress. I love dresses for summer because they're light, cool and tend to dry easily. You can always seem pulled together even if you haven't showered in days. Here are a few of my current favs...


What's on your summer wish list? My next hurdle is finding a swimsuit i love...


  1. oh, i love the red striped one! my fav! hehe

    tell me about finding a swimsuit! ;)

    still looking for a comfy and decent pair of ballerinas!

  2. i love the red stripe too, the reviews don't recommend it if you have a chest but i might have to try it anyway.

    i know, swimsuit shopping is the most daunting task! I need one though, no question about it.

    do these count as ballerinas? I think they're super cute!

  3. I really like that red striped one.

    I'm also searching for dresses for the summer. They are my favorite during the warmer months (which I used to have many more of) for the EXACT same reason you said-
    "you can always seem pulled together even if you haven't showered in days."

    I'm not on the search for much else. Maybe a *gulp* bathing suit. Playing it safe this year though and going for a tank-ini or 1 piece. Does that make me OLD?? ;-)