Tuesday, April 20, 2010

travel tuesday ::puerto rico::

One of my favorite things about travel is the idea I have of a place before i go; and then the reality of the place once I've been there. Sometimes, it's like two completely different trips. One in my imagination and the other in real life.

I didn't do a travel post last week, because I was totally caught up in our real life plans. We bought tickets to Puerto Rico after lots of deliberation, budget talk and airfare tracking, we were led to this wonderful island.

I'm so excited and have been experiencing our travels in my head all week. We are looking at a house rental in Rincon & then maybe a few days in old San Juan. After that we are open and free for another week. The boy will be with us for his first outside-the-country trip.(this counts, right?) I'm hoping he loves the old cities, sand, surf and empanadas as much as i do in my head.


Did I mention our trip isn't until July? I guess I have the next two and a half months to experience Puerto Rico via my imagination.


I would love to hear advice if you've been to Puerto Rico, or have traveled with little ones. I would also love to know about your summer plans... what are you looking forward to? What trips are happening? (even if they're only in your head).

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  1. Love the colors in this last photo. Your trip sounds wonderful! I am traveling a lot in my head lately... and I guess I will stick to that for a little while. My old college roommate and I are hoping to go to Belgium next Feb - fingers crossed.