Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wedding wednesday {videos}

i love video, i tinker a little with my own videos and love the way that video can capture a story unlike anything else. for this week's wedding wednesday post i thought i'd share a few wedding related videos. i know enough about video editing to know that there's a lot of time & talent in each of these, i hope you enjoy.

'celebrate' is the video of maren & seth's wedding... i am lucky enough to actually know these two. i love this video for the sweetness & fun that is obvious throughout. these two are as nice as they are beautiful!
(if you get a chance to check out more of renan's work you won't be sorry, it's amazing!)

how incredibly fun is this wedding invite? i love this idea. talk about not taking yourself too seriously.

this rainy day wedding video mixes the simplicity of a courthouse wedding with the glamor of tuxedos & limousines. my favorite part is the way the rain seems to add to the sultry vibe of it all rather than ruin it.


  1. small world! The photographer of the video wedding invite was my wedding photographer.... and the video composer goes to my husband's old church! the town... Shelbyville, Illinois... is my hometown. :)

  2. random! i think the video invite is super cute.