Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel Tuesday

We spent last weekend close to home in the global sense. Lake Wenatchee is a few hours from our home. Every year we make an effort to do two sibling trips with hubs' two sisters, one brother and their families. The adult count totals eight and the kids total six, the oldest of the cousins has four years under his belt. These stats should give you and idea of the chaos that can come with these trips but there's also great bonding, conversation and eating that happens from adults and kids alike.

All packed up

On Saturday my sis in law and I biked our way to the lake. It began as a quick morning activity as it was supposed to be four miles. At mile seven I realized I'd been had, did I mention that I was pulling two small humans in the bike trailer? And that there were hills? And that lately I haven't ridden farther than several miles in any direction from our house? Anyway, it ended up being really fun (and twelve miles). I re learned some kids songs from my precocious nephew (who was behind his mama on his tag along bike), got my sweat on a bit and ended at the lake.

The boy and his cousin ready to hit the road

Every year I demand that we get group photos of everyone together, the sibs are all really good sports about it. I know that someday I will be thanked because we will have the documentation of life being lived and trips being taken.


The gangs all here (minus one bro in law but we gained a German friend who was visiting)

The point of this post is two fold... First family is rad whether they are blood related, or married-in, or honorary. And, you don't have to go far to have an adventure.

Abbey living life in motion in elSage


  1. What an absolutely adorable group of kiddies. So cute! I think you are sooo lucky to have sibs and cousins close to where you live. I long for that! xoxo

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Yes, they will all for sure thank you for wanting to take family pictures. :)

  3. We are totally lucky to have these cousins around for D to grow up with. Robin you could probably join in and no one would notice the three extras, it gets pretty busy. Kristin they already thank me but I know we will be glad to look back on these.