Sunday, May 30, 2010

::Rainy Bellingham Farmer's Market::

Our grand plan on Saturday was to hit up the Bellingham Farmer's Market. We woke up to rain though and almost talked ourselves out of it. Luckily, though we decided to brave the rain and we had a wonderful time.
farmers market
 Little man was awfully excited.
Radishes! I love them. Apparently my kid does too.
 I know it's blurry, but look how excited he is!

Gotta love the northwest... rain or shine there's always people out.


  1. Ok, our farmers market opens I think next weekend or maybe the next. I'll take pics to show you what you can find at ours. I bet not radishes. You- beautiful. You're kid- super cute.

  2. Yep, we were doing the same thing... but in MV. S & I were soaked. But, it was fun... and somewhat crowed. Velvet Underground covers from a band over 50 is my idea of a cool time... :) Ok, my question to you is... how the hell did you get your hair to stay straight ? Mine has been super curly/ frizzy these last few rainy days.

  3. It's rained for our first two Farmers Markets over here in eastern oregon... total bummer but it looks like you guys had fun!
    My good friend has a table at the B-Ham farmers market selling his silver wrapped crystal jewelry!

  4. Jennifer, I can't wait to see photos of a Chicago market (it is Chicago, right?)

    Kristin, I saw your tweet when we returned & realized we missed you. Maybe we'll hit the MV market tomorrow... you going?

    Ashley, We did have fun! Is it heating up in your neck of the woods yet? Where in E. OR?