Wednesday, May 19, 2010

::Wedding Wednesday:: Flowers

Pretty, simple, perfect color combination.

Love the dress, love the flowers.

How amazing are these? Made from recycled novel pages. Brilliant. 

Flowers not just for the table but also in floating arrangements. These were done by some really wonderful ladies* in the Seattle area.

Vintage bohemian.

 Rad earthy style in these eco friendly boutonnieres.

Peonies rock.

*Full disclosure notice: one of said wonderful ladies happens to be my cousin & am elSage designs model.


  1. All gorgeous! Thanks for adding a bit of light to this dreary day!

  2. i fell in love with that blue dress and went hunting for it's original source if you were interested:


  3. Kate thanks for the link! What a beautiful wedding that was. I love that dress too... I wonder where they got them?

  4. Robin, I'm glad I could provide some bright colors for our rainy day(s). Fingers crossed that tomorrow is beautiful!