Tuesday, May 25, 2010

::Travel Tuesday:: You Don't Have To Go Far

Sometimes I tend to think of travel as some big, international, exotic trip. Many times the most memorable and enjoyable trips are the ones you take in your own back yard. Last summer we didn't take a big trip, but instead we opted for lots of little trips. I'll be reminiscing a bit about these for the next few Travel Tuesdays. 

We called our family tent our vacation home... the boy was not quite eight months at the beginning of summer. It was really fun & great to be able to bring Stella, our dog.

Our first trip was Memorial Day weekend, we went to Winthrop, WA. If you haven't been to the Methow Valley you should put it on your list, it's beautiful.  It was a really nice, short trip to learn all about camping with a baby.

We went swimming in various lakes. I ended up covered in leeches for the first time in my life. (Yuck!) We found a swing set & the boy got to pet a horse. Pretty successful trip I'd say.


  1. The Methow is one of my fav places on earth!!!

  2. Isn't it lovely there? I completely agree!