Saturday, May 15, 2010

::A Sunny Day::

My family and I live north of Seattle, it rains a lot here in the winter. Less of a tear-your-face-off rain, or thunder and lightening displays (like much of the rest of the country) and more of a constant drizzle. We ski during the winter months mostly to keep ourselves sane. Given that, it is dreary and gray here for months on end, spring is a very welcomed season. This past week we've had some incredibly beautiful days. On Thursday, one such day happened to coincide with one of my days out of the classroom. 

It was so sunny and bright the boy, Stella-pup and I decided to go for a run. Our halfway point was the park where both boy and dog played in the sun excitedly.

 Some of you with a keen eye may have noticed 
the boy's pants are different... 
we are working on being done with diapers,
it's an adventure.

We returned to a play date invite with our friends Sayer and Kristin.

I can't tell you how good for the soul this sun has been. Many of you locals are feeling the same way. Keep it coming sun gods, keep it coming.

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