Sunday, June 6, 2010

::Coming Soon::

New elSage designs coming to the shop soon. Here's a sneak peek at just a few.

MiniSage for the girls:

I'm totally in love with this one. Made with quilting scraps from a local artist & recycled cotton (stripe). Attached to a new navy blue knit headband. Sustainable fashion at its best.

Vintage pillowcase & netting come together with a felt center. Attached to a grippy headband to stay in place on your active child's head. This one's perfect for summer!

Red recycled cotton & vintage tulle mingle with a yellow felt center to make this super cute headband that's ready for a picnic! Attached to a white knit headband.

And for the adults...

Regina & Deb bobby pins in red felt with blue & white stripe recycled cotton. This are so fun! More color combination soon! If you can't wait these are also carried at Kusler's in Snohomish.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome in the comments section below.

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