Tuesday, June 8, 2010

::New MiniSage::

Girls just want to have fun 
(while wearing eco friendly miniSage headbands)!

The Lacey Collection.
Sweet as can be.
 Vintage tulle & lace. Vintage wooden bead in yellow and a marbled blue accent bead. Black knit headband.
 Vintage tulle & lace. Vintage wooden bead in chocolate brown, with a pinkish pearl accent bead. Purple no slip, elastic headband.
 Vintage tulle & lace. Vintage, reclaimed pink speckled bead, with a pinkish pearl accent bead. Fuschia super no slip, elastic headband.

For the tomboy darling in your life.
Reclaimed cotton sourced from a vintage work shirt. Pearl beads accented with an orange seed bead. 

Each elSage piece is thoughtfully created with an awareness of sustainable design. I collect my materials from repurposed sources when possible. I believe in sustainable design & hope you think they are as cute as they are eco friendly.

What's your favorite source for repurposed materials? 


  1. I love that blue striped one! very cute.

  2. Aww...Adorable!

    I bought vintage glass stuff over the weekend to use as garden bling.

    How's that?

    -Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points

  3. Nice & nice! Catalina that striped one is my fav! Lori, the vintage glass sounds really cool, photos somewhere in the future?