Wednesday, June 16, 2010

::New Fabrics:: Sustainability in Materials

Things have been oh so busy lately as the school year is coming to a close. I have been finding studio time (and artistic energy) lacking. When this happens I like to reinvigorate by collecting materials I'm excited about.

elSage is all about sustainable design. Re-purposing, recycling, renewing & reusing is the name of the game, so I often get my materials from interesting and fun places. This latest set is no exception.

Last week I received my order of usable scrap fabric from Allisa at Quiltish. She makes beautiful handmade items and loves the environment too! She collects her scrap fabric and what she can't use she passes on to other artists through her destash shop.

I also went to the Goodwill yesterday. I love it there. Hubs and the boy came too and the boy was in heaven. He walked out with a new soccer ball and a book, and I got a ton of cool fabric. I love the variety, from cast off fabric to men's dress shirts and a few vintage pillow cases. I am so excited to jump into the studio!

I really believe in repurposing materials. I think it's not only earth friendly but I love what it does to my work, my materials drive my designs and I love that. When I get too calculated as an artist my work loses it's magic. I also enjoy that, due to the nature of my materials, all my creations are one of a kind or limited editions. It creates a unique and heirloom nature to everything that comes out of elSage.

How do your materials affect your work?


  1. I totally agree. Life and work can really dampen creativity. However, gorgeous new and up cycled fabrics are the perfect way to get back in the game and get inspired!

  2. Hey Robin! I am excited to get back to the inspired place and start working with these fabrics. I hope all is fabulous with you!