Monday, June 7, 2010

::Pear Study:: From Fruit Bowl to Wall

The boy has been in a fruit phase for months now, fruit is the only thing he loves to eat and he is able to put away a ridiculous amount of it. Due to this we usually have a pretty stocked fruit bowl. A little bit ago I got him several different types of pears and was struck by their different shapes.
I had carved a simple pear (Bartlett) silhouette in the past, this was originally done for the boy's room because he had such a love of pears at the time. Before long it was listed in my store and then ended up in Country Living Magazine.
Months after the first, now semi-famous pear I sat down with the fruit bowl and started to sketch.

Three of the four of these sketches made it onto block and were carved & printed. Here are the results.

I like them in red too. Especially in a kitchen with other pops of color.

I think the fruit and the boy were my muse on this one. Who/what is your muse?

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