Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::Deke, How Does Your Garden Grow?::

This morning I asked my son, "Decatur, how do you grow a garden?" He walked me through the process step by step (his dad taught him how last weekend when they planted the first half).

Here's what he said...

Mama, first you have to go to the coop and get some seeds.

While you're there, pick out a treat like a tomato...

Then you come home and let the dog out and open the garden gate...

Then grab your shovel & seeds...

Then I watch you put seeds in the ground and I walk all over them when you finish. That's how you do it!*

*Please note that these are not actual quotes but a condensed version of the day.

Gardens rock, I can't wait to pick out veggies and flower and enjoy the. Welcome spring, thank you so much for showing up!

::New Alice bows...

I really dig the Alice Bow because you can see a hint of he fabric's original life in the design. Each of these are made from a shirt sleeve, and many of them have an original button still intact. Which one is your favorite?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

::Mother's Day gift guide::

This one's mostly for the men out there who have wonderful mamas in their lives and are at a loss for what to buy. Before you go out and choose the same old flowers or kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies or gift certificates here's a guide to all things mom...

Jewelry is an awesome gift but only if it's an awesome piece that reflects the receivers personality. I'm not into diamonds and cliche pieces from chain jewelry stores; jewelry's best when it's handmade with love. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to be special.

 cigar band by lovinganvil

Last mother's day I gifted myself one of these cigar bands, only a custom order with my son's first name on one side and middle name on the other. I love it and wear it daily. I pretty much love anything in Coco's shop, browse around I bet you will too.

I am currently in love with these handmade necklaces by katemiss.

 The For Me, For You necklaces are currently all sold out but she has a shop update coming up next weekend (just in time for mama's day).

Music is the next piece of awesomeness on the gift giving list. I like real CD's over digital downloads, I can play them in the car and there's no limit to how many computers I can put the music on. Plus, I like looking through the CD art. Oh and maybe we can keep record shops around so at least our kids know what they are, huh?

I recently discovered Joe Purdy, he's got so many albums I'm not sure which one I'd choose but as far as I can tell you can't go wrong.

Bags, bags, bags... do all women love bags? Am I a cliche in this? True to my style I'm not a big expensive purse girl but I do love me a nice bag. My current love is this striped beauty by redbirdstyle.


Perfect for spring & summer and toting all the mama goods that come with mamahood.

Who doesn't like new kicks? And they certainly won't make her look fat, think about it. My current favs are TOMS shoes, for every pair you buy they donate a pair to a child who needs shoes. Plus they're insanely cute, comfortable & versatile. They are the perfect shoe for mamas chasing young kids.

What about moms like my mine who's amazing (and amazingly hard to shop for)? Here's my short list...


Kristin, the owner of kltworks is truly amazing. Her images come from original thread drawings, amazing! Not only a great gift but a great conversation piece.

I love this feather print by Golly Bard. It comes in several colors  so you can pick your mama's favorite.


Garden markers by monkeys always look are so cool, I love the soup spoon.

**Warning, shameless self-promotion to follow
How about this flower pin from elSage designs? Looks great on a light jacket or shirt.

That's all I have for you, I hope you find my ideas helpful. Above all, what's important on mother's day is to do something special for all the mamas in your life.

Do you have additional mother's day suggestions? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shop Update (part two)

Layla headband by elSage designs

Part two of my shop update shows off some eco friendly goodies for the girls in our lives. Designs made from reclaimed & vintage materials and attached to high quality headbands.

 LaLa bow headbands by elSage designs

 My new model, miss Luna, is just  a doll. She had me running all over snapping her picture in various headbands. She was so fun to work with and she looks so great in all the miniSage designs.

Soleil headband by elSage designs
Milla headband by elSage designs

Check out the rest of the miniSage designs in my shop!


Friday, April 23, 2010

::Poppytalk giveaway! $150

It is a month full of giveaways around here... the great thing about this one is that it's a lot of money and it's not from my pocket!

I've been a part of the poppytalk handmade eco green pop show this month. It is nearing the end of the show and the founders of poppytalk are giving away $150 in goods from the market. Which goods, you ask? That's the coolest part, you get to choose. So go to their blog and enter your comment (your favorite item from the eco green pop market & your environmentally friendly tip) and cross your fingers. If you should win you could spend all or part of it at elSage ;)

Shop Update (part one)

elSage wedding is something I've been toying with for awhile now. I got my hands on some vintage veiling from England that's to die for, together with vintage tulle, reclaimed fabrics (including soft-as-butter vintage linen), and vintage jewels some of the most original and gorgeous headpieces & veils are created.

 Haley veil by elSage designs

These are truly labors of love for me. I love details and am admittedly a bit of a perfectionist.

'something blue' tag detail

I have treated these as though they are going to be mine for my own wedding day. Each piece is original and part of a limited edition due to the nature of the materials.

 Audrey veil by elSage designs

Indira headpiece by elSage designs

The pictures shown here are 'outtakes' from yesterday's photoshoot. Visit the elSage shop to see more.

::and the winner is...

Yesterday I did an impromptu Earth Day giveaway. This morning, before hubs left for work I had him capture the drawing on camera.
Drum roll please...

Congrats to Mandy!
Remember there's another giveaway here that ends when April does.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

::Earth Day Giveaway!

In honor of Earth Day I am giving away a sweet little package including the Brooklyn Bow hair clip & a Pear print on green paper. Brooklyn is made form vintage lace & attached to a new hair clip. Pear is printed on recycled paper.

All you have to do is visit my shop & tell me (in a comment below) what item is your favorite & why. Everything in there is eco friendly so browse away, guilt free. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning.

P.S. I have another giveaway going on here. 8 more days until it ends...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wedding wednesday ::the dress::

'The Dress' is a big deal when you're getting married. here are some of my favorites in several different styles & categories.  

off the rack (er, um website)...

I love the simplicity & unique straps on this one, so pretty. These would be the perfect match for the bride who didn't want to wear a veil but wanted something pretty in their hair..
j.crew chiffon and organza dune gown

 It makes me smile to imagine a summer bride in this flirty betsy johnson dress. i think this hairpiece would fit perfectly & add a little style.

betsy johnson mille feuille dress

eco friendly...
How amazing is this dress by threadhead creations? made with eco friendly fabrics. Looking for the perfect hair accessory? this would be perfect!

Or this bamboo jersey piece from GinaMicheleVintage. I love that you could wear this for years to come & it looks so comfortable! These would be a nice addition to the look, hair up down or in a low ponytail.


vintage... my wedding dress was a vintage prom dress that a wonderful friend altered, i love the history & style of a vintage wedding dress.

Feeling a little anti-establishment 80s? Check out this dress from dusty rose vintage. Pair it with this for a fun & funky look.


Dreaming of a country wedding? This dress from NodtoModvintage
  would be perfect I think these would be a perfect match to go with it. With a lighter colored sash you could wear this in your hair

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

travel tuesday ::puerto rico::

One of my favorite things about travel is the idea I have of a place before i go; and then the reality of the place once I've been there. Sometimes, it's like two completely different trips. One in my imagination and the other in real life.

I didn't do a travel post last week, because I was totally caught up in our real life plans. We bought tickets to Puerto Rico after lots of deliberation, budget talk and airfare tracking, we were led to this wonderful island.

I'm so excited and have been experiencing our travels in my head all week. We are looking at a house rental in Rincon & then maybe a few days in old San Juan. After that we are open and free for another week. The boy will be with us for his first outside-the-country trip.(this counts, right?) I'm hoping he loves the old cities, sand, surf and empanadas as much as i do in my head.


Did I mention our trip isn't until July? I guess I have the next two and a half months to experience Puerto Rico via my imagination.


I would love to hear advice if you've been to Puerto Rico, or have traveled with little ones. I would also love to know about your summer plans... what are you looking forward to? What trips are happening? (even if they're only in your head).